‘Transnational’ Late Antiquity, ‘National’ Modes of Thought

By Prolet Decheva Regarding (art) history, the term ‘transnational’ seems to be predominantly applied to nineteenth and twentieth-century as well as contemporary developments, such as the impact of international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), or contemporary processes of globalisation, mobility or migration. [i] Nevertheless, while there is no exact definition of what ‘transnational history’ is,[ii] in theContinue reading “‘Transnational’ Late Antiquity, ‘National’ Modes of Thought”

What did transnationalism look like in late antiquity?

by Mike Norris A framework for comparison Transnationalism is a recent field of study, well suited to an age in which large scale and complex movements of people and ideas take place and are observed and analysed.  The methodologies involve many disciplines, including statistics, political science, economics, constitutional law, sociology, and linguistics.  Can such methodologiesContinue reading “What did transnationalism look like in late antiquity?”